Knee Pain

Knee Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

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Knee Pain Specialist Near Me in Northridge, CA
Knee Pain Specialist Near Me in Northridge, CA

Knee pain is a generalized term that refers to any pain, tenderness or discomfort in the knee or the surrounding area. Most people experience some form of knee pain throughout their life, and fortunately, the majority of cases resolve on their own. Knee pain can range from mild, causing only slight discomfort, to severe, greatly impeding on one’s ability to walk and move.

When do I need to see a doctor about knee pain?

It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor about knee pain if experiencing any of the following:

– Unbearable pain
– Pain that does not improve with rest
– Pain that does not improve with at-home treatment
– Pain that wakes you or disrupts sleep
– Drainage
– Large wounds
– Puncture wounds
– Swelling
– Inability to bear weight on knee
– Knee pain that is accompanied by a fever
– Knee is red and hot
– There is an obvious deformity of the knee

These symptoms can indicate a serious problem and should be addressed by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Why is rehabilitation needed for knee injuries?

Rehabilitation is needed for some knee injuries to ensure a proper and full recovery. If a knee injury is not treated with rehabilitative care, function, mobility and range of motion may be limited. Receiving rehabilitation for a knee injury is essential to minimize complications and establish proper working order.

How do injections work for knee pain?

Injections are used to treat knee pain by alleviating tenderness and discomfort and reducing inflammation. There are many different types of injections that can be used to treat knee pain, from temporary relief from corticosteroid injections, to long-term alleviation. This also works to reduce inflammation.

Can surgery be avoided for my knee pain?

Yes, surgery can be avoided for knee pain in almost all cases. When treatment for knee pain is sought out right away, it is easier to achieve a proper recovery. However, if treatment is delayed, complications can arise that may require serious interventional methods to restore function. That is why it is imperative to seek treatment right away, as less intensive treatments have a higher success rate.

How can knee pain be treated?

Knee pain can be treated with a number of different procedures and therapies, including:

Chiropractic Care Chiropractic care is utilized to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, from back strains to knee pain.
Therapeutic Massage — Massages have a long list of benefits, including the reduction of pain. This can also be used to treat knee pain.
Physical Rehabilitation — Physical rehabilitation is used to recover from an injury, disease or condition that impedes upon one’s mobility, range of motion and normal function and is commonly used to treat knee pain.
Nutrition — In cases where knee pain is caused by nutritional deficiencies, a treatment plan for knee pain may include dietary changes.

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