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Arthritis Specialist

Arthritis Specialist in Northridge, CA

If you are feeling pain or stiffness in any part of your body, then you may have symptoms of arthritis, visit Total health Elevated in Northridge, CA. Our professionals will help you feel better.  We are conveniently located at 17022 Devonshire St. Northridge CA 91325. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Arthritis Specialist Near Me in Northridge, CA
Arthritis Specialist Near Me in Northridge, CA

Table of Contents:

What is arthritis?
What causes arthritis?
What are the early stages of arthritis?
What is the most effective treatment for arthritis?

An arthritis specialist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of arthritis and related disorders. They receive additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and often work in collaboration with other health care professionals to help manage the symptoms of arthritis and improve the overall health and quality of life of their patients. An arthritis specialist will have more experience and training in treating arthritis than other medical professionals, which allows them to provide better care and treatment.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation and damage to the joints, often causing pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited range of motion in the affected areas. There are several different forms of arthritis, each of which has a different effect on the body. While there is a great amount of research being performed to better understand and treat this condition, the cause of arthritis is still largely unknown, and, in most cases, it can only be treated, not cured.

What causes arthritis?

The cause of arthritis varies depending on the type, although its exact etiology is not well-understood in many cases. The most common types of arthritis are:

  • Osteoarthritis — Caused by wear-and-tear damage to a joint’s cartilage, osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting the lives of millions of Americans. When cartilage, which cushions the ends of the bones and allows nearly frictionless joint motion, is damaged, it can result in bone on bone grinding, and consequently, pain and restricted movement. This wear and tear often take place over many years, but it can also be precipitated by a joint injury or infection.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis — Classified as an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis causes the immune system to attack the tough membrane that encloses all the joint parts, known as the synovial membrane. This joint lining becomes inflamed and swollen, and can eventually lead to the destruction of cartilage and bone within the joint.

While the cause of arthritis is not always identifiable, there are certain risk factors associated with developing the condition, including:

  • Family history — Some types of arthritis can be passed down genetically; if an individual’s parents or siblings have the disorder, they are more likely to develop it themselves.
  • Age — As with many diseases and conditions, the risk of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, increases with age.
  • Gender — Gender also plays a role in the development of arthritis; women are more likely than men to develop rheumatoid arthritis, while gout is more likely to affect men.
  • Previous joint injury — If a joint has suffered a previous injury, particularly if it has not recovered properly, it is more susceptible to developing arthritis.
  • Obesity — Overweight and obesity are linked with many chronic health conditions, including arthritis; the excess weight puts additional stress on joints, particularly the knees, hips and spine, increasing the chance of developing joint inflammation.

What are the early stages of arthritis?

The early signs of arthritis include:

  • Pain in a joint
  • Joint swelling and tenderness
  • Joint stiffness, especially in the morning
  • Grating sound or sensation (crepitus)
  • Pain in joint that was previously injured
  • Groin pain
  • Symmetrical joint pain
  • Pain or stiffness in hands and feet

What is the most effective treatment for arthritis?

There are many effective treatments for arthritis. Because everyone is different, what works for one person may not work for another; this is why an individualized approach is used when treating arthritis. Effective treatments include:

  • Chiropractic Care — Chiropractic care is one of the most beneficial treatments for arthritis as it directly addresses the condition, versus only focusing on relieving symptoms.
  • Joint Injections — Joint injections, which can vary in composition and strength, are often used to treat arthritis and have shown great promise in relieving arthritic symptoms.
  • Physical Rehabilitation Therapy — Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is one of the most effective forms of treatment for any type of soft tissue injury or condition affecting the musculoskeletal system. By implementing gentle stretches and strengthening exercises, patients can regain mobility and improve range of motion, all without medication or surgery.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of arthritis, come to Total Health Elevated for the care you can trust. Call us today or book an appointment with our arthritis specialist, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 17022 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA 91325. We serve patients from Northridge CA, Grenada Hills CA, Mission Hills CA, Chatsworth CA, Santa Clarita CA, San Fernando CA, Burbank CA, and Porter Ranch CA. We look forward to serving you!